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$25 The Complete Salesforce Trailhead 2020 From Zero to Hero 7-Course Bundle
$25 The Complete Salesforce Trailhead 2020 From Zero to Hero 7-Course Bundle

$25 The Complete Salesforce Trailhead 2020 From Zero to Hero 7-Course Bundle

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Salesforce has already proven its usefulness when it comes to generating sales. Whether you are already using it, or just about to start, the 7 courses in the The Complete Salesforce Trailhead 2020 will help you utilize every single advantage it offers. If you want to be a Salesforce expert, here is where you start. And now you can have lifetime access for only $25.


The Instructor of this course Jimmy Tanzil, Jimmy Tanzil has over twenty years of experience in the IT field. His main strengths are focused on Salesforce development and administration, web application development, and mobile app development. He is currently working as a Salesforce Architect, Advanced Administrator, Developer, and Consultant focusing on the non-profit sector.

He has in-depth knowledge of all phases of application development, including analysis, design, coding, testing, and implementation. He also has in-depth experience in systems integration such as integration of multiple platforms across various services including Salesforce, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento commerce, Facebook, pardot, zapier, conga, MailChimp, PayPal, various payment gateway systems, Canada post integrations, twillio phone/SMS systems, and other platforms.

Alongside his core strengths, he has genuine interests and curiosity in a wide-rage of the IT sector such as networking, server management, cloud services, AI, machine learning, cryptocurrencies and blockchains, printing systems, mailing systems, help desk system, order fulfillment systems/shipping, phone systems (PABX) management, and various other fields in IT.

Each of the courses is absolutely packed with content, including quizzes and hands-on challenges, so that you can make sure you are acquiring the knowledge you need. No matter what level of experience you already have with Salesforce, even if it's none whatsoever, you will be able to jump in and start learning immediately. The courses are:

You are going to learn: Admin Beginner Trail – Starting with the very basics of the Salesforce platform, you will learn everything from setup to navigation, reports, importing and exporting data, even customization and so much more.

You will learn: Admin Intermediate Trail – Moving on, you will explore data security, building processes and automation.

You will learn: Admin Advanced Trail – At the end of this section, you will have achieved expert admin status by mastering the most advanced Salesforce features.

You will learn: Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary – This is where you will learn why DLRS is used in Salesforce, and when it is appropriate to do so.

You will learn: Developer Beginner Trail – Developers can find out how to quickly build apps on the Salesforce Platform in this course.

You will learn: Developer Intermediate Trail – Next, developers can learn how to use powerful integration and mobile tools to build even more complex apps.

You will learn: Developing AppExchange App Trail – At this point, you will be ready to start developing, packaging and testing your very first apps for the AppExchange.

Ordinarily, lifetime access to these valuable courses would cost $299. But this bundle is currently being offered at 91% off, so you can acquire it right now for $25.