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$19 Sumo-size Your Success Course by AppSumo, Lifetime Deal
Sumo-size Your Success Course by AppSumo

$19 Sumo-size Your Success Course by AppSumo, Lifetime Deal

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Sumo-size Your Success is a course that will help you generate, market, and scale your big idea.

When it comes to starting your own business, the most daunting task is coming up with the next big idea.

Sumo-size Your Success course simplifies the idea phase by showing you what questions you should be asking during the brainstorming process. (For example, what current pain points would I’d love to solve?)

You are also going to learn how to identify your target audience.



Once you’ve landed on your idea and target audience, it’s time to validate, baby! (Unlike social media validation, this validation actually means something.)

Sumo-size Your Success guides you through the validation process with a checklist of “will this work?” tasks.

After you verify your idea is worth pursuing (you little star, you), Sumo-size Your Success teaches you how to make money before you spend it.

And then, it teaches you how to make even more money!

Offer Details:

  • Access to the Sumo-size Your Success course by AppSumo

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

  • 28 videos to guide you through the course

  • Three course modules: Coming up with your next big idea, Validating your idea, and Getting your first customers

  • Additional resources, including a PDF of Noah Kagan's 10 Commandments of an Entrepreneur

  • 6 Business generating activities and 5 validation techniques

  • 60-day money back return policy, no matter the reason