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$99.99 Prism Drive Cloud Storage 20TB Lifetime Subscription
$99.99 Prism Drive Cloud Storage 20TB Lifetime Subscription

$99.99 Prism Drive Cloud Storage 20TB Lifetime Subscription

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Get 20TB of Secure Cloud Storage for Life for Just $99.99

Looking for a secure and affordable way to store your files in the cloud? Look no further than Prism Drive! For just $99.99, you can get a lifetime subscription to Prism Drive 20TB, which gives you access to 20TB of secure cloud storage.

Buy 20TB Cloud Storage

Prism Drive is a fully encrypted cloud storage solution that uses military-grade security to protect your files. 

  • 20TB cloud storage. Free up storage on your device & store files in the cloud
  • Sharable links. Create links that you can share with friends & colleagues
  • Preview files. View files directly in the browser; no need to download
  • Quick preview of various file types. Including audio, video, text, PDF, MSO files & images
  • Convenient file management. Upload, select, and move files & folders
  • AES 256-bit & HTTPS encryption. High-level encryption for files that are either in transfer or at rest
  • Trash recovery. Deleted files are stored and recoverable from the trash folder for 30 days
  • Cross-platform compatibility. Access on any device Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android
  • Easy mobile upload. Allows direct upload right from mobile devices — iOS or Android
  • Offline access. Save files to the mobile app & access them without internet connection
  • Native support. Compatibility with popular & common file formats
  • Large file support. Upload single files that are up to 10GB in size
  • Drag & drop feature. User-friendly function for uploading, selecting, and moving files & folders
  • Monitor upload progress. See status, progress, estimated time left & more for all current uploads

Limited time offer:

This offer is only available for a limited time, so don't miss out! Sign up today and get 20TB of secure cloud storage for life for just $99.99.