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 The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle
The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle

Who wants to be a millionaire? This puzzle may contain $1,000,000

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If you're a fan of winning money, this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle may be right up your alley. The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle brings an element of fun and surprise for the chance to win up to  $1,000,000! Just assemble the puzzle and find your prize.

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Solving a puzzle has never been more alluring. Created by MSCHF, a quirky company designed to bring you up to speed on the latest viral contests, products, and apps that the collective has created, this exciting opportunity brings you the chance of winning anything from $1 to $1 million per puzzle. The mystery aspect brings excitement, and the best thing is you'll at least win something. There are absolutely no losers in this compelling contest.

So how exactly does it work? You'll start by putting together your jigsaw puzzle. You can create it alone or with friends and family, but you'll have to coordinate and pick one person to claim the reward money. Once it's fully assembled (big spoiler alert: the final result will be a giant QR code), you'll scan your last puzzle code through your phone or tablet and discover your mystery prize. Easy peasy! 

Each box carries a distinct amount, and the prizes will vary, but rest assured that two puzzles will hold $1,000,000 each. Once you discover your reward, you'll be paid within 1-4 days through a digital check sent directly to the email address you provide during checkout. You can also opt to have a printed check mailed to you, although this will take up to two weeks for delivery. Be advised that anyone and everyone can purchase and put together the puzzle, but you must be 18 years or older to claim the prize. There's also an option to purchase a 2-pack or a 4-pack, increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Purchase your 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for only $30 today and get the chance to win big. Remember, you'll be a winner no matter what, so it's a win-win. Take a chance and see if you are the winner of the precious million-dollar prize!

Prices subject to change.