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Internet Marketing, What does it mean lifetime Deals, LTD Deals, Lifetime Subscriptions?
What does it mean lifetime Deals, LTD Deals, Lifetime Subscriptions?

What does it mean lifetime Deals, LTD Deals, Lifetime Subscriptions?

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As you surf the internet, you will come across lots of unfamiliar terms and some of them that may be confusing are lifetime deals, ltd deals, lifetime subscriptions. So what do these terms mean?

These terms have begun to appear quite widely in the last few years as the internet marketing industry has become the dominant position to make a lot of money for service companies and freelancers.

The field is more about internet media that helps promote the brand, promote better product sales and reach potential customers.

Currently this segment is very attractive and very potential has created job opportunities and income for many freelance workers and service companies.

This article will not go into depth on how to make money but want to clarify the terms above.

Terms of "lifetime deals", "LTD Deals", "Lifetime Subscription"

Currently the terms "lifetime deals", "LTD Deals", "Lifetime Subscription" refer to products that are supported for lifetime membership registration. That means users only shop once and you don't need to pay monthly fees anymore.

There are many customers who are very happy to buy reputable products with quality services when the vendors have brought the quality of products and services as committed. Besides, there are also products that do not bring about the satisfaction of customers' expectations or do not bring a lifetime subscription as promised when buying.

To avoid buying unwanted products, you should consider the reviews of previous customers.

Currently, there are many companies offering products for online media marketing such as AppSumo, Stacksocial. These sales sites are places where media marketing service providers access and sell their products and services with multiple plan subscriptions or lifetime membership.

AppSumo: The Store for Entrepreneurs

AppSumo store for startups

AppSumo is a reputable website for entrepreneurs, startups or even freelance, where many products and services for online media converge with many different levels. You can find what you need for your work or product here. There are a few products here that are just born very short while other products are very reputable, so you should also review before buying. 5-star reviews prove the product is good or the terms and conditions of the product satisfy the buyer. Products rated 3 stars or less must also have a reason to have a low star. See buyer comments at the bottom of the page to know more about the product is on promotion.




  StackSocial: The Hottest Tech Deals, Delivered Daily

Stacksocial is a website that also provides products for online media marketing but it also has many other products such as digital products, software products and more. Products here are many and very wide suitable for many purposes and different uses. Also here you can find lots of quality and reputable online courses from lots of different teaching professionals.

And when shopping here you should also consider reviews from previous customers before buying.

Visit StackSocial offical website

Terms of SAAS deals - SAAS lifetime deals

Sometimes you may come across the terms "SAAS deals" or "SAAS lifetime deals" these terms are also related to terms as explained in the sections above.

SAAS is a software as a service, you can google or Wikipedia to know more.


You can absolutely buy the product marketing services at reasonable prices on these sites. You should read the instructions and reviews of customers before buying because products on these platforms are subject to different levels and products that have only recently launched and have a short service life, while products of the other has a long service life. Therefore, the final shopping decision is with you. You can completely ask for a refund in the first 15 days or the first 30 days of purchase depending on the company. And you must redeem the product after purchase for the first fifteen, or thirty days, depending on the service. Otherwise the program will expire to redeem.