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Verv Premium Home Workout Planner: Lifetime Subscription
Verv Premium Home Workout Planner: Lifetime Subscription

This Highly-Rated Workout and Wellness App Is Now Only $39.99

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Hello, 2021. Staying on track with fitness goals while working out from home has been challenging for many of us. What if there was a simple way to keep track of our fitness milestones — however big or small — all in one place?

Cue in a lifetime subscription to the Verv Premium Home Workout Planner. 

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Rated 4.7/5 stars on the App Store and ranked the #44 app in the iOS Health and Fitness Category, this powerful app is designed for fitness levels and goals of all kinds. Whether you're looking to build more muscle, lose weight, eat better, or obtain a more zen lifestyle, personalized routines are provided to help you reach your health goals. Customized sets of exercises and routines are designed to improve your health and wellness with unique challenges, allowing you to get ultimate results and keep your motivation high while working out at home. 

With all the building blocks to get the best version of yourself for 2021, you'll be able to track all your custom-made exercises, walking or running sessions, meal planning, and more, all on the app. Simply connect your iPhone or iOS device to the app and stay on track with an impressive collection of solutions for a healthier lifestyle. Your progress will be tracked all in one place, allowing you to see detailed stats for every exercise, recipes with number of calories, progress tracking for calories burned, and more whenever you desire — making sure you're meeting your milestones and seeing where you can improve. There's even a whole section dedicated to meditation and relaxation, taking your mental health to new heights. 

While a lifetime subscription to the Verv Premium Home Workout Planner is typically priced at over $1,000, you can start designing a healthier lifestyle that reaps results for only $39.99 — that's over 90% off. Get started on a personal plan that brings out your healthiest self and take on the new year. You've got this!

Prices subject to change.

Wide Range of Fitness Workouts

  • Large variety of at-home exercises for weight loss
  • Body-toning fitness programs for all trouble zones
  • Collection of workouts with resistance bands
  • Unique 30-day fitness challenges to keep your motivation high

Running & Walking Sessions

  • A wide range of training programs for weight loss & body tone
  • Interval trainings with audio instructions
  • Detailed stats for progress tracking
  • Custom-made plans made for your goals

Meal Plans for Every Taste

  • Delicious recipes with prep time & number of calories
  • Keto and intermittent fasting plans
  • Vegan & vegetarian plans
  • Meal plan collections to benefit your training

Meditation & Yoga Practices

  • 270+ guided meditations & short practices
  • Step-by-step meditation courses
  • 5-minute singles for stress relief
  • Programs for better sleep, anxiety-relief, & more

Energetic Dance Tutorials

  • Guided dance workouts for all levels
  • Learn from the celebrity choreographer
  • Routines that give you tone & burn calories

Music & Sounds for Training and Relaxation

  • Unlimited access to the hottest workout mixes from top DJs
  • Music that adjusts to your workout tempo
  • Calming melodies to help you unwind
  • Sleep Stories & ASMR so you can drift off and sleep peacefully

Enjoy workouts, yoga practices, meal plans, meditations, running, and walking sessions separately or as a combination of activities. One way or the other, take the most out of your experience. Synchronize with Apple Health to automatically export workout data from Verv to Health App.