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$39.99 The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle
$39.99 The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle

$39.99 The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle

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It's no secret that the world is quickly moving online. If you're looking to move into the digital space and beef up your resume, make a career change, or expand on your web foundation, it may be time to start learning the most in-demand coding language in the US — Python.  

The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle, now only $39.99, brings you everything you need to start creating your own websites, apps, and more. You'll start by acquiring the fundamental elements required in training — the basics. With over 1,000 lessons and content available 24/7, you'll start your programming journey with an introduction to Python and what the language entails. You'll learn essential analytical tools used — Numpy Arrays, Operations, Arithmetic, Equation-solving, etc. — and soak in critical concepts such as manipulating strings, understanding conditional statements, grasping various data types and variables on the platform, and so much more. With real-world exercises, you'll be able to practice what you learn comprehensively.

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With over 90 hours of in-depth content, you'll then dive further into more advanced techniques. Designed to take students to the next level in Python expertise, you'll learn more complicated procedures in data wrangling and visualization, setting up a virtual hacking workplace, clustering algorithms, and more. With step by step hands-on exercises, you'll be able to take on each lesson and soar your skills to new heights. Certification of completion is rewarded upon finishing the courses, bringing valuable skills to your portfolio. 

Usually priced at over $1,000, you'll learn the leading general-purpose language that is Python today for only $39.99! Bring on the learning with The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle and start up a career as a developer from the comfort of your home.