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Read faster with Spreeder VIP Speed Reading 40% off + lifetime subscription
Spreeder VIP Speed Reading Lifetime Subscription

Read faster with Spreeder VIP Speed Reading 40% off + lifetime subscription

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Can't remember if you left the straightener on or where you last left your car keys? Short-term memory loss is prevalent, and sharpening your memory skills may not be as complicated as you may think. The Spreeder Speed eReader VIP: Lifetime Subscription brings you innovative techniques to triple your learning rate and improve reading speed and memory. Plus, it's now an additional 40% off for the VIP Sale with code VIP40.

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Reading is everywhere in our lives. However, not many know that speed-reading involves a combination of neurological and cognitive factors to improve your learning. It teaches you to memorize details more proficiently, pick up on new skills and concepts more quickly, and even learn a new language much faster. With Spreeder Speed, you'll be able to easily read at three or more times your average speed, giving you access to the skills used by some of the best-selling authors. 

As featured on Buzzfeed, Lifehacker, TechNet, and more, Spreeder Speed eReader VIP uses RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) technology to enhance your reading by decreasing eye movement and increasing your comprehension rate. With world-leading experts guiding you through every step, you'll be provided with four reading modes that will enhance any text or reading style. Pick from over 20,000 classic eBooks and improve reading habits once and for all. There's even a library of dedicated games and activities to boost your brain in specific areas, giving you the extra stamina to succeed in memory and reading speeds.

Accessible on Wweb, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, the software can be used by up to eight users at a time and brings you various courses in productivity, success, and reading. There's even a whole section on vocabulary building and analytics, providing you with status reports on how well you're retaining the information you read.

While the Spreeder Speed eReader VIP: Lifetime Subscription is typically priced at $420, the VIP Sale has price-dropped the course even further to only $23.99 with code VIP40 at checkout! Start finessing your memory and comprehension skills with this valuable subscription for faster reading.

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