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 Methods of Leadership Online Learning Lifetime Subscription
Methods of Leadership Online Learning Lifetime Subscription

$147.99 Methods of Leadership Online Learning Lifetime Subscription

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Self-improvement is an attribute many of us would like to keep working on, but sometimes we may have a hard time knowing where to start. The Methods of Leadership Online Learning Bundle brings you everything you need to finesse your leadership skills — straight from the minds of top CEOs, coaches, and thought leaders. 

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Led by Marshall Goldsmith, founder of Methods and author/editor of 42 books, and 100 successful leaders, this online learning bundle is packed with over 500 chapters that will help bring out the best version of yourself. With over 69 hours of content, you'll cover topics on increasing your awareness, improving your coaching skills, ways to get inspired, as well as how to deal with stress, and so much more. Dive deep into your mind and figure out how habits can be changed to make your professional and personal life thrive. With the courses designed in a "choose your own adventure" format, you'll be able to pick which topics you'd like to focus on, customizing a certification path that is catered to your needs.

Whether you're at a c-level position or just starting as a manager, this complete bundle strives to improve the way you manage all leadership aspects. With plenty of hands-on learning materials, such as workbooks, exercises, and a live network, you'll be able to practice by doing. Listen, watch, and join in on learning all sorts of techniques from some of the world's top thought leaders and come back and visit each topic whenever you want. 

More Details

  • Over 500 chapters with additional certification pathways, customized learning paths, workbooks & the Live Network
  • Uncover your sharp edges, become self-aware, increase your personal effectiveness, & build your leadership presence
  • Navigate organizational transformation & behavioral change
  • Gain clarity & inspiration on Methods to help solve your toughest daily challenges
  • Join in, watch, listen, & interact with the worlds top leaders as they cover many topics to better your life and business

Notable Instructors

  • Marshall Goldsmith, Founder: Goldsmith is the author or editor of 42 books. Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, were recognized as being in the top 100 books ever written in their field. He has a Ph.D. from UCLA and was awarded The John E. Anderson Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest accolade that the UCLA Anderson School of Management bestows upon alumni
  • Eric Schurenberg, CEO of Mansueto Ventures, home of Inc. and Fast Company
  • Chester Elton, Co-Founder of Culture Works
  • Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, World Champion in Project Management