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The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle
The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle

Master Mathematics with 90+ Hours of Essential Training

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Mathematics is a fundamental element that plays a role in far more places than we think. Whether you'd like to improve your math skills to complement your current job, your school course load, or you'd like to become better at math in general, this training bundle will help pave the way.

Rated an average of 4.6/5 stars by former and current students, the jam-packed Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle has it all. Ten courses, geared towards levels from beginner to advanced, bring you plenty of guidance on subject areas such as algebra, precalculus, calculus, and so much more. With nearly 700 lessons, you'll dive deep into each topic and learn its primary principles with step-by-step guidance. Also, plenty of hands-on exercises and quizzes are included in each course, allowing you to practice and review each lesson.

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Led by highly-rated industry experts with backgrounds in Mathematics, Computer Science, Geophysics, and more, the complete bundle brings forth a fountain of insights. From clustering algorithms to discrete mathematics, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of each math fundamental and learn the ins and outs of its respective methodology. Lessons include learning how to apply the most commonly used data preprocessing techniques, becoming an expert on limits, converting the decimal base to binary base and vice versa, mathematical methods for data science, understanding graph coloring, and the list goes on! Plus, the courses come complete with a completion certificate, allowing for a great resume booster for school or work.

Access to The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle is typically priced at $2,000. For a limited time, you can learn top mathematical techniques from the pros for only $29.99—that's over 90% off! Bring valuable growth into 2021 and start the year off right with new mathematical skills that will advance your understanding of numbers. 

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