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Lingoda Live Language Courses
Lingoda Live Language Courses

$168.99 Lingoda Live Language Courses 1-Month Subscription (20 Classes)

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In today's world where almost anyone can work from anywhere, Lingoda has revolutionized the language learning process to make it easier for people to learn a new language and at the same time become more productive in their day-to-day tasks. Lingoda's method is designed to be easy and effective while also being more affordable than traditional courses. What makes Lingoda different from other methods is that it doesn't require textbooks or teachers.

You will learn the French or Spanish language. Lingoda is an online educational platform that enables you to learn new languages from the comfort of your own home.

Lingoda classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fit your schedule! These group classes are usually 60 minutes long and are taught by 1,000+ certified, native-speaking teachers. These classes have been shown to be more effective than other forms of language learning because they teach you how to communicate in real-world context rather than memorizing vocabulary or phrases.

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How does it work?

Lingoda provide live learning French and Spanish language courses. When you sign up for Lingoda, you will need a Zoom account and a stable internet connection to connect with your native speaker for your live learning sessions. You will then be able to learn the basics of conversational French or Spanish by getting help and feedback from an experienced and certified native speaker during these live-streamed lessons.

About Lingoda

Lingoda is a company that offers online language courses with native teachers. Lingoda was created in 2013 in Berlin, Germany by two teachers, Fabian Wunderlich and Felix Wunderlich, who are passionate about the importance of learning languages.

The Lingoda team consists of the people, who are all enthusiastic about teaching languages to students from around the world. The mission of their company is to make sure that all students have access to high-quality education.

Many people have a hard time learning a language because they don't have the opportunity to interact with native speakers. Lingoda wants to change this by offering a platform where students can learn a new language from a native teacher any time, any where day or night, weekend or weekday.

They believe in a communicative approach to language learning: mastering a language means being able to speak it with confidence. Their CEFR-focused learning materials are designed by linguistic experts and focus on meaningful topics that are applicable to their students’ interests, careers and everyday lives. Thanks to their extensive rotating roster of teachers and their small group classes, students are exposed to a variety of regional accents and expressions within the same language and have the time and space to practice speaking in every lesson.

Why learn with native teachers is a good way to learn any new language?

Learning a new language can be difficult for anyone, but learning the language in the country of origin is often the best way to gain fluency. Learning with native speakers allows you to learn vocabulary, pronunciation, tone and sentence structure much more quickly than if you were learning with someone who was not the same nationality. This means you are less likely to have to study for years before being able to use your new language without thinking too much about it.

Many people believe that learning with native teachers is the most effective way to learn a new language. Not only does this allow for more one-on-one time, but it also provides you with an opportunity to improve your pronunciation, which can be difficult when speaking to someone who doesn't speak your language. This way of learning also exposes you to the culture and customs of the native speakers through their teaching methods.

Why do you need to learn a new language?

Learning a new language is always a good idea. You never know when you might need to use it. It's true that many people learn two or three languages at the same time and this may be enough for them to get by, but there are plenty of reasons why learning just one additional language will benefit you immensely.

The benefits of learning a new language are manifold. First, it expands your horizons and allows you to experience cultures that might otherwise be inaccessible. Second, it opens the door to an array of career opportunities. Third, it's fun! The more languages you know, the easier it gets to learn new ones. Lastly, if you're in love with someone whose language is different from yours, learning their language will give you a true appreciation for the beauty of their culture.

If you want to travel the world, or find a job in a company that's international or global, you'll need to know how to speak at least one new language. In fact, the more languages you can speak, the better chance of success. Learning a new language is an invaluable life skill that will provide you with many opportunities - not only in business and travel but also in your personal life.

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