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A Year of LastPass Premium for only $2.08 a month!

Keep your Your Passwords secret with a one-year subscription to LastPass

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You can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by using LastPass Premium. For only $2.08 per month, you get access to premium features like password sharing, syncing for all your devices, 1GB of encrypted storage, and additional security features. With it, you don't have to worry about forgetting passwords or choosing secure ones because it will automatically fill them in for you. Plus, you'll never need to remember, store, or share passwords again!

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Is it worth your time to have a personal password manager? If you are are tired of having to remember all different passwords, then getting LastPass Premium for only $2.08 a month is worth the investment. For one low monthly fee, you will get unlimited access to your passwords accessible on any device including computers, phones, tablets and other devices.

Everyone has their online secrets, and typically they're pretty important to keep. That means it's important to protect them by using a strong password for every account, but even with the best password, what if someone finds out? Wouldn't you feel better knowing that your passwords are protected with military-grade encryption thanks to the LastPass team? That's what makes LastPass one of the best investments you can make. For only $2.08/month.

Keeping up with our various passwords and logins can be a challenge: online shopping profiles, app-based services, work logins, online banking, streaming platforms, and the list goes on. While the world is growing in the digital realm every year, keeping our sensitive information secure online is more critical than ever—cue in LastPass Premium.

According to Security Boulevard, 61% of cyber-attacks globally result from stolen or misused credentials. That raises a lot of concern, primarily since our lives revolve around our devices on the daily. LastPass Premium aims to bring you peace of mind by saving your passwords and keeping your information private. Best yet, a full year of access is now only $24.99.

With access to LastPass, you'll never have to worry about forgetting your passwords again. The top-rated password manager automatically and securely saves and fills out your passwords for you while browsing the web, generating unique randomized passwords that are highly secure. That helps create an extra layer of protection against hackers and allows you to feel safe when entering credit card information or membership credentials. With dark web monitoring included and priority tech support at your fingertips, you'll also get notified automatically if your personal information is at risk.

As seen in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Today, NPR, and more, LastPass Premium secures your passwords across all of your devices, so you can conveniently log in wherever you go. An option to share passwords with family or friends also allows you to pass on specific information without hesitation or concern. As described by CNET, LastPass is "A leading password manager with a changing value proposition."

While a year of LastPass Premium is regularly priced at $30, you can stay protected online for only $24.99—that's only $2.08 a month! Keep your digital presence secure, and never worry about exposing your data with this affordable and powerful password manager. 

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