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AcePDF Editor & Converter Lifetime License Edit & Annotate

$39.99 AcePDF Editor & Converter Edit & Annotate Lifetime License

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PDFs have become an integral part of our daily lives. From official documents to eBooks, PDFs are used everywhere. However, editing and converting PDFs have always been a tedious task. Thankfully, AcePDF has made this task easy and convenient.

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AcePDF Editor & Converter is a powerful tool that enables users to edit, convert, and organize their PDFs easily. The lifetime license ensures that you have access to all the features of AcePDF without any limitations or restrictions.

Edit and Annotate PDFs with Ease

AcePDF allows users to edit and annotate PDFs quickly and efficiently. You can cut, copy, paste, and delete text and pictures as you need. It can change the font style, font size, color, stroke, superscript, and more.

The annotation features of AcePDFare unparalleled. You can add highlights, underlines, sticky notes, strikethroughs, text comments, callouts, arrows, rectangles, circles, and much more. These annotation features help you mark important points, provide feedback, or add additional information to the PDFs.

Convert from/to PDF Quickly

It gives users a fast and efficient way to edit and annotate PDFs. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily cut, copy, paste, and delete text and pictures to suit your needs. So whether you want to make minor adjustments or completely overhaul a document, AcePDF makes it easy.

AcePDF also enables users to turn Word, PPT, Excel, and images into PDFs. You can add multiple files at the same time and convert them into PDFs with just a few clicks.

Edit Scanned PDFs with Ease

AcePDF can also edit scanned or image-based PDFs. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, AcePDF can recognize text and images in scanned PDFs and convert them into editable formats. This feature is a game-changer for those who regularly deal with scanned or image-based PDFs.

Organize & Manage PDF Pages Freely

AcePDF allows users to take full control of PDF pages. AcePDF gives you complete control over your PDFs. You can easily add PDF files or blank pages to your document, delete unwanted pages, and split any PDF file into multiple files. With the ability to insert multiple PDF pages and combine them into one file instantly, you can customize your PDFs to suit your needs.

The crop tool is another fantastic feature of AcePDF. You can select the specific area you want to keep and crop the rest of the document, making extracting the information you need easy. You can also rotate your PDF file for a better viewing experience and add headers and footers to enhance the visual appeal of your document.

AcePDF makes it easy to manage your PDFs. Whether you need to add, delete, split, or combine PDF pages or crop and rotate the document, AcePDF has got you covered. With this tool, you can customize your PDFs to suit your needs and make the most of this versatile format.

AcePDF editor & converter is a comprehensive PDF editing and conversion tool that can make your life easier. With its lifetime license, you can access all the features without any restrictions or limitations. So whether you need to edit, convert, or organize PDFs, AcePDF has got you covered.