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KeysForWeb Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription
KeysForWeb Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription

$49 KeysForWeb Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription

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Save an extra 20% and securely request + share passwords with this ultimate service.

If you're like many individuals, you may be hesitant to share your passwords with colleagues, friends, or family. Cue in a lifetime subscription to KeysForWeb Personal Plan. This sensitive data transfer helps to securely house all your essential information in one place, taking the stress out of accidentally leaking your important information to unwelcoming eyes. Best yet, the plan is price-dropped at an extra 20% off for Cyber Week. 

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars on ProductHunt, KeysForWeb will never allow you to drop the ball on sensitive information again. With an extraordinarily safe yet straightforward interface, it follows the natural logic of the process. A simple web app provides a prebuilt request format that makes it simple to share with the most popular CMSs, platforms, and hosting providers. 

There are also no third parties involved, making it the ultimate plan to ensure none of your data gets leaked—everything is in one place. It uses single-use URLs, limited storage time, data encryption, the works, all with maximum security when transferring files to other individuals. You can also access your account from multiple devices, which lets you instantly validate the keys to different projects or information. 

You'll have the utmost security wherever you go. With a technology that allows you to share unlimited passwords or secure notes with friends or co-workers, you can rest assured that your information will not be compromised while sharing content. Automated validation also subtracts the human factor from the process to zero error—making it 100% accurate and dependable. You'll also have access to unlimited templates and requests for various projects and documents.

While access to KeysForWeb Personal Plan: Lifetime Subscription is typically priced at $480, you can keep all your passwords and important information secure and in one place for only $39.20 with code CYBER20. Your online privacy and security should come first, and with this top-rated solution, you'll be able to make this priority a reality.

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