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AdGuard DNS

$29.99 AdGuard DNS: 5-year subscription for households

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AdGuard DNS is a powerful ad-blocking DNS server that enhances your browsing experience. Control all web traffic on your devices and block unwanted ads, trackers and malicious domains. This privacy-focused DNS server is a reliable alternative to your current DNS provider and makes the Internet safe for everyone at home or work. With AdGuard DNS, you can also block ads, trackers, and analytics for any website or app. Say goodbye to intrusive ads and unwanted tracking tools and enjoy a faster and more secure browsing experience with AdGuard DNS.


Block Ads

AdGuard DNS uses powerful filters to remove ads and trackers on every connected device. Allows you to use default filters, manually block domains, or both

Parental Control

Keep your kids safe on the Internet Protect your kids from adult content on websites, search results or YouTube Have full control over which sites should be blocked and for how long

Statistics Right at Your Fingertips

Get real-time statistics on DNS requests of all devices View statistics by day, country or device, or switch to panoramic view Enable and edit DNS filters for each device any time

Custom Filter

Decide which domains should be blocked or allowed on each of your devices Connect your computer, smartphone, tablet or router and manage their DNS queries the way you see fit

Absolute security

AdGuard DNS not only blocks ads and trackers, but also protects you from malicious domains. It helps block phishing sites and malware, helping you browse the web more safely.

High speed

By blocking ads and trackers, AdGuard DNS helps speed up your web browsing. Ads and trackers often consume a lot of bandwidth, so blocking them can help websites load faster.

Easy Installation

AdGuard DNS is easy to install. Just change the DNS settings on your device and you're ready to go. It works with most devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets and routers.

Dedicated Customer Support

If you encounter any problems while using AdGuard DNS, the provider's customer support team is always happy to help. They can help you solve problems and answer your questions.

With all these powerful features, AdGuard DNS is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their web browsing experience. At just $29.99 for a 5-year subscription, this is a deal not to be missed. Sign up for AdGuard DNS today and start browsing the web more securely, quickly and comfortably.